Helping Customers 24-7

For emergency asistance, please call Karl on 074 000 00 150 (24 Hour)

If smoke is present call 999 immediately

Don’t try to Fix electrical problems yourself
Don’t worry about losing face. When if comes to electrical faults, we are discreet, professional and quick .

Our vans are equipped with state of the art computer tracking devices so we can locate the nearest van and get help to you quickly.

Non-urgent Help
You will be called an hour before our engineer arrives, so you are free to go about your business, safe in the knowledge that you will not miss our engineer when he calls.

Summary of Key Help Documents (PDFs)
Downlight safety: How safe are yours? This information allows you to make an informed decision on how safe your existing lights are and what’s out there in the market.

Charger safety guide: Document what to look for when buying a charger. Again, consider the risks of cheap electrical products without the standard British kite mark.

Christmas lights safety: Put an end to the Christmas tradition of fairy lights not working. This guide tells you how to check your lights and know if they need replacing? Safety at Christmas is number one.

Buying electrical items online: Documents risks to look out for when buying products from overseas. Protect your family against the dangers of cheap electrical products without the standard British kite mark.

Converter plugs: With increased appliances for the EU this document helps you adapt your EU plugs safely to fit standard UK plug.

Domestic Condition Report: Formerly Periodic Inspection Report. Documents what is contained in the report, different codes and their meanings in non technical terms. Enjoy.

Home Electrical Safety Tips Card: A must have. Takes seconds to download and may open your eyes to hazards, tips and advice.

Electric Blanket Safety: Be warm, but not too warm! Visual checks and tips. For instance, what happens if a child wets the bed with an electric blanket. Read this document.

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