Additional Lighting

extra lightingWall lights come in all shapes and forms and can be purchased at all DIY stores. Prices start from £10 and can be fitted on any wall. They add a warm and calming mood to a room when controlled via a dimmer switch.

Ceiling Lights
Available in a range of different styles, these can be fitted anywhere in the room, not just where the light is now. Low voltage downlighters is another option many people are going for lately and they look great.

Fan Lights
Great on a hot day and available in all colours to suit your room. In winter, the direction can be reversed so the fan pulls the cool air up through the wall mounted radiators which forces the warm air downward..

Kitchen Lights
An easy way to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Lights can be fitted under the cupboards to illuminate the work surface, uplighters on the tops of cupboards reflecting off of the ceiling, or directional downlights in the ceiling directed at the worktop area.

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