CCTV Installations

Abaco Electrical have installed many CCTV systems over our time. With crime they way it is today, it pays to be prudent with you property and belongings.

You may say “I wont need that in my house”. However, it’s worth reconsidering. CCTV has come a long way over the last few years. There are now cameras that can be embedded into every day objects around the home.

They are wired back to a system hard drive that records all movements between preset times. The data is then sent via the internet to an offsite storage bank. Just in case burglars steal the hard drive, we still have the images up to that point.

If you need there to be a strong security presence, we’ve got you covered with outside cameras and signage.

You can even log into the system from your smart phone or from a secure website. Check tradesmen, cleaners are doing their work as you would expect; keep an eye on the kids and child minder and for the added peace of mind our CCTV system could bring.

This is the more sophisticated system, however there are systems to fit all pockets and it cost less than you might think. Call us today for a quick chat about your needs

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