External Lighting & Security

Whether for security or mood lighting, external light can open up a new world just outside your window.

Garden Lighting
Planter Lights enhance any garden by lighting up trees and plants. Use a little lighting on your best garden features or just on the walk way so you can see the way. Soft lighting, during the day blend into the landscape, by looking like little rocks or you could have flood lighting to flood the whole garden.

The range of different ways of switching these lights includes infra red detection, waterproof outdoor switches or simply incorporated into your existing house wiring.

Decking Lights
Decking Lights are very popular. What better way to enhance you decking than with L E D lights around the perimeter or the path to and from the garden. These lights can be white or blue and range in size from 10mm to 100mm, finished off with stainless steel surrounds. They are low voltage and immune to rain and the elements, as there is a transformer that is situated inside the house or shed.

Driveway Lighting
Thinking of having your driveway redone ?? Well think about driveover lights embedded in the driveway to show the way in and out and where to stop. Brick lights are embedded into the wall to show the way to the house or drive as well as pillar’s and lamp posts.

Security lights
Can be installed with motion detection and activate chimes in the house or record CCTV footage, the ideas are endless.

Please call our ideas guy, Karl, today. For a free no obligation quote. He’ll visit you and discuss your requirements and suggest ideas you may not have thought of. Don’t put it off any longer!

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