Additional Sockets

Additional sockets being fittedIt’s simple. We just do not have enough sockets in our homes to run the electrical appliances we have nowadays.

Dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, toasters, fryers, microwaves, radios, TV’s and that’s just in the kitchen alone.

We can supply and fit a wide range of sockets according to your requirements remember if there is a wall without a socket on it we call this a dead wall (i.e. you cant use any electrical appliance on this wall without the need of an extension lead)

If you need a quick fix we could run cables on the surface of the wall within surface plastic white trunking with surface mounted sockets, we always fill trunking to the wall this helps it blend in with the decoration. This option is recommended if you do not want the walls and decoration disturbed and wants to keep disruption and dust to a minimum. We will advise you more on our free site visit

Alternatively we can bury the sockets and wiring in the wall for that flush look. This option is recommended only if you are re-decorating as the wall will need a plasterer after we have finished but don’t worry we have trusted tradesmen we have worked with in the past.

It’s not surprising that extra sockets is the most requested electrical works that we are asked to carry out and my mums says “You can’t have enough sockets in the home today son” and I try to relay this to you guys as it will help you make the most from of your electrics.

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