Fuse Board Upgrades

Your fuse board in the heart of your electrical installation. If it is working well, the whole electrical system works well. Upgrading this one thing, could save lives and bring many years of safety to the whole household.

Abaco electrical will install a dual RCD board and will make sure half the house is on one RCD and the other is on the second RCD so if you have a problem and one of these RCD trips off, you can still operate the home on minimal power and lights until help arrives.

Many older homes have wooden mounted fuse boards with domino type fuses with blue, white and red dots on them, many are not marked up so if you needed to turn the power off to say the up stairs circuit many people would have to turn the whole box off because nothing is labelled up, now with the main power off they would not be able to see what was going on let alone help out. If your fusebox has a wooden back, cast iron switches, or a mixture of fuses it is likely that it dates back to before the 1960s and will need to be replaced let our team set your mind at ease today!

If you decide to upgrade your fuseboard Abaco electrical would install a new dual RCD board and it will come fully marked up with all circuit information, full instructions on how to use it and most of all it will be marked with our numbers so you will know who to call in your hour of need ? Full NicEic certification for the whole house comes as standard, together with a six year guarantee insurance backed by the NicEic.

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