Intercoms & Door Bell Installations

Wireless door bell driving you crazy?
Push next doors bell and it ring yours?
Batteries keep going too soon after replacing for new?

We can help here. This could be a case of just changing the frequency on the bell and the bell push or you may wish to upgrade to a mains power door bell. No need to change the batteries anymore.

No missed people or parcels at your door. You can also change the ringtones on some bells, say at Christmas and different times of the year! If you are like me and like to change things around and not stick to one sound all the time, please get in touch today!

We have installed intercom systems so a disabled person can: answer the door; listen to the caller; respond and open the door all from the comfort of the armchair. In the same way, if you have an office down the back of the garden, this system is for you.

The systems can be audio only or at lower cost than you would have thought: video. Plus Abaco Electrical can install it for you. So give us a call today and let us help you decide.

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