Phone & Telecom Installations

Whilst you have other trades in, or electrical works are being done, consider thinking about running telephone cables and whether you need an extra BT point in that room. Maybe a second line for your office ?

You are always better having a phone point in your bedroom, as well as the one in the lounge. If the power was to fail, your cordless phone will be useless, as it uses power to transmit at the base station. If you needed to make an emergency call, you would thank Abaco Electrical for writing this one point, and for installing your phone point of course.

Customers have told us stories about not liking the way Sky have installed a phone extension wire clipped around door frames and along skirting boards to their sky boxes. We inturn, have installed the cables under the floors, as “if you can see a cable after we have finished then we havent done our job properly”

I mention this only because a few times we have not said anything, then after the works are completed the customer says “If only I knew you could have done that for me”. Now you know!

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