Smoke, Carbon Monoxide & Fire Alarm Systems

smoke alarm and emergency lightWake up. Get a smoke alarm !
A simple, yet effective message that sounds out the importance of these under-rated devices.

Smoke detectors come in a range of options, from simple battery operated to mains powered interlinked units with battery back-up so when the mains fails you are still protected. Abaco Electrical can advise you on both placement and number of units required for the size of your property.

Has your smoke detector has been bleeping or you have disconnected it because it was bleeping? Don’t wait another minute. Call us now and we will fit new batteries or replace the units for lithium battery type that never need another battery and you will get our hourly rate at 50% (see we need our customers alive going forwards).

I jest but really there is no joke when it comes to fire and the safety of our loved ones at home. I have kids and a loving family and I would rather make a 50% loss coming to make you guys & your families safer PLEASE call today.

(Sorry for the hard sell ! but I feel passionate about this subject, Karl Brooks Electrician)

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