Storage Heating

Storage heater gone wrongEconomy seven (Off Peak) storage heaters have long been the bane of our lives!

The old ones are normally brown, stick out into our living space and look un-slightly in our nicely decorated rooms. There’s not a lot you can do with them and they can’t be covered by radiator covers or painted.

Plus the older they get, the more of your money they waste day in day out. The energy needed to heat the old steel filling brick contained within is huge and this heat is lost very quickly and in many cases is even warm when you need them to be hot. The one in this picture shows the element is overheating the heater. This is bad but this can be caught early, if you have marks above your heater.

We want to save you money from today, so stop wasting it and instead invest your hard earned cash into a new range of storage heater that will heat the same size room at 50% of the cost of you old heater. Oh and it looks better too.

Storage Duo Heater from Abaco in situ
Seen here is a dimplex duo-heat storage heater.

It works with an off peak (economy seven) heat from the rear combined with an electrical gentle gel packed from front cover to add comfort heat to any room or space.

Storage Duo Heater from Abaco simple controlsPlease don’t take our word for it. Call us and we’ll arrange for a customer to call you and give a personal feedback on it’s ease of use.


If this is not to your liking we also service, clean, and replace parts within old heaters or replace like for like heaters of any kind.

Call us today for a quick chat about your needs in this area. This way we can help you  stay warmer for longer !

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