Testing & Inspection

Jason of Abaco Electrical carrying out an Inspection TestTo detect any underlying problems with electrics, we recommend a testing & inspection as you can’t see or hear them.

For Landlords
Test, prior to returning the deposit, in case tenants have tampered with the electrical system during their tenancy. Tenants may have installed lights, dimmer switches or added sockets that are then part of your property. If the next tenant receives a shock from these upgrades, you are liable. By getting your property tested, both of you stay safe.

For Tenants
Should be served with an electrical test report dated before the tenancy starts. On this test, check the number of electrical points tallies with the points around the house. If in doubt, ask your landlord. This gives you piece of mind that your landlord is looking after your safety.

For Business owners
Test your place of work, for staff and visitor safety whilst on your property. This also avoids business being interrupted, by unforeseen electrical conditions, that could have been brought up in the test and inspection.

For Buyers & New Owners of a Property
Test before signing contracts, to have a snap shot of any future problems in that property. The property may need a complete rewire. Use this to negotiate with seller or estate agents before signing contracts and save you £1,000s.

The Test
Recommendations will be made, based on current regulations. Whilst inspecting sockets, switches, light fittings, fuse board and earthing, items will be listed alongside the relevant code number from 4 (not unsafe) to 1 (dangerous). Customer help on codes can be found here.

Testing is both visual and test instrument based giving you the best of both worlds. Conducting a full range of tests with our specialist electrical testing equipment give us an overall condition of the property satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

No nasty surprises. Any works needed to bring your property up to current standards will be quoted for. If we complete the works, the retest is free. Download customer help on testing.


We are always open to questions and will give you our best advice at all times so please get in touch today for all you testing needs.

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