TV & Satellite Installations

Would you like to move the position of your TV but you can’t because of where the TV and satellite cables come in to the house ? Or do you have cables that go right around the place and look unsightly ?

We can help by running them in a more discreet way, under the floor. Here is one you may not have thought about. I love the fact that I can put a Sky+ recorded programme on from my lounge and then watch it from the comfort of my bedroom, especially if I have people staying in the lounge who want to go to bed early.

This is useful if you have kids watching TV late at night downstairs and with the flick of a switch you can monitor what is being viewed. Bit “Big Brother” style I know. This will not cost the earth and is quick to install.

Do you need your TV put on the wall and have all the connecting wiring installed between the TV and all the other components? As we have installed hundreds of TVs and come across lost of obstacles, we can give you sound advice on how we can do this type of work.

We also supply and fit digital loft aerials, singal boosters, and TVs in general, so all we need you to do is drop us a line and let us help! It’s what we do best.

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