Woolwich Ferry

We were called in to do a test and inspection of this old switch gear at the North Woolwich Ferry Terminal building. From testing it soon became apparent that it was at the end of it’s working life.

With Health & Safety as tight as it is these days, Serco decided to upgrade. The Woolwich Ferry must run each day without disruption.

We decided to install the new mains work behind the existing.

Upon completion, we powered up the new installation and started transferring one by one each individual circuit from the old to new.

We worked closely with all concerned, one step at a time, so terminal services continued during our works with minimal disruption.

With works completed we tested the whole site. What is left will service the North Woolwich Ferry Terminal for many years to come. It’s now safe for Serco personnel to use.

No asbestoses, no rewirable fuse wires, and no steps or ladder needed to get to fuse boards.

Taking  something old and making it new, modern and up to spec gives us maximum job satisfaction.

  • 195 circuits transferred, extended and terminated into the new system.
  • Fitted with a new contactor controlled board, supplying machinery on the workshop floor.
  • Board has emergency stop buttons in various locations in the workshop
  • Trunking adapted to fit existing
  • Existing pipework integrated with the new system
  • No expense spared. If needed, it got installed

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